Exams on-demand nearing

New Zealand could be one of the first countries to introduce on-demand and online school examinations.

Stress-proof your child

Primary school kids crying during tests, five-year-olds getting tutored - is life getting harder for kids?

How to say no

ACC is stepping boldly into the minefield of sex education, amid claims that schools are failing to teach teens how to say "no".

Blurred lines

Accepting gifts of underwear and party invites show boundaries between teachers and pupils are being stretched.

Truants divert services

More than $3 million of extra funding pumped into fight truancy last year, but principals say service still failing.


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St Paul’s Collegiate students Christian Neethling, Heath Johnson, Bevan Muirhead and Jonathon

Tablets replace books

A year nine science class from Saint Paul's Collegiate School will switch on their iPads when they need to jog their memories.

Drug Dogs In Schools

Drug dogs raiding schools

Canterbury schools are spending thousands on drug dogs to search classrooms and lockers.


Must-read young adult books

Here are nine young adult books that should be on your must-read list.

Joel Parker, 17, enjoys late starts at Wellington High School but mum Marg Lawson

Breakfast banter lost

A lie-in gets a big tick from high school students, but a thumbs down from parents who say they barely see their children any more.

Classroom, students, pupils, learning, high school, secondary school

Teens go for slow start

Students looking for a lie-in are choosing Wellington High School because it offers late starts.

Chris Jarnet and Elaine Preston

School 'kick starts' new learning

Traditional classrooms phased out in favour of modern learning hubs with students working together across all levels.

school generic

Search rules 'weak'

Principals slam new search-and-seizure rules allowing them to look in - but not search - student bags.

Morgan Kahika

School alarmed by liquor store

School for disengaged youth unknowingly signs lease to share building with a new liquor store.

Megan Smith

Teen's grammar campaign

A New Plymouth teenager on a grammar crusade is offering her linguistic skills for free.

Southerwood family

Sacrifices required for education

Missing annual holidays to the Gold Coast was a sacrifice worth making for Chris Southerwood to send her children to more expensive schools.

Ministry of Education logo

Ministry investigates schools

Two prestigious schools are being investigated by the Ministry of Education over illegal fee-charging.

Graduation, students

Study not tuned to jobs

Employment agencies say many students fail to choose study that will lead to viable job options.

Air New Zealand generic

Time to panic over maths?

Are we really raising a generation of kids who can't count?

Hekia Parata

Kiwi students fall behind in basics

New Zealand's educational ranking has plummeted, according to the latest OECD report.

NCEA exams

Are kids stagnating?

Another survey questions value of National Standards, saying it hasn't made a big difference to student achievement.

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