steven adams

Adams gives back

Rising basketball star Steven Adams is determined to give another kid the same opportunities he had.

Grittier texts lure in readers

Teachers are increasingly turning to darker tales to get pupils interested in reading.

School donations questioned

A school has been caught out after potentially misleading parents over 'voluntary' donations.

Teen slang 101

ICYMI: Oxford Dictionaries have released a list of words that are popular today.

Boys' schools have an edge

Boys in single-sex education appear to be ditching the sporty stereotype and performing better.


what's in this section?

Ayla Hutchinson

Sold-out success

A teenager's invention which makes chopping kindling easy and safe is in hot demand.

lucan battison

Rules for a reason: principals

JO MOIR - The Dominion Post
Students who repeatedly break uniform rules should be punished, principals say.

Hamilton Boys’ High SchooL

No expense spared

Hamilton schools are spending huge amounts of money on facilities and programmes.


Boarding school, damage done

OPINION: I went to boarding school a week before my 11th birthday. It affected me deeply.

Classroom, students, pupils, learning, high school, secondary school

School suspensions turn into trials

Parents calling on lawyers to turn school disciplinary hearings into "mini High Court trials".

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard

School breaks free education rules

Ombudsman accuses school of unfairly charging for school books, photocopying and food ingredients.

Truant, truancy, smoking teenager, bunking

Truancy goalposts moved

A multi-million dollar anti-truancy programme is 'still unworkable' a year after it came into effect, principals say.

Cyber bullying

Bully students target teachers

As students get tech-savvy at creating offensive websites, it's teachers being targeted.


Exams on-demand nearing

New Zealand could be one of the first countries to introduce on-demand and online school examinations.


Stress-proof your child

Primary school kids crying during tests, five-year-olds getting tutored - is life getting harder for kids?


How to say no

ACC is stepping boldly into the minefield of sex education, amid claims that schools are failing to teach teens how to say "no".


Blurred lines

Accepting gifts of underwear and party invites show boundaries between teachers and pupils are being stretched.

Truant, truancy, smoking teenager, bunking

Truants divert services

More than $3 million of extra funding pumped into fight truancy last year, but principals say service still failing.

St Paul’s Collegiate students Christian Neethling, Heath Johnson, Bevan Muirhead and Jonathon

Tablets replace books

A year nine science class from Saint Paul's Collegiate School will switch on their iPads when they need to jog their memories.

Drug Dogs In Schools

Drug dogs raiding schools

Canterbury schools are spending thousands on drug dogs to search classrooms and lockers.

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