teen on phone

Failure to launch

Got a high school or university kid who zones out with TV instead of tackling his study? You might be part of the problem.

'You're so special'

Feeling valued is key to children's wellbeing; but some parents 'overvalue' their child, believing they are more special than others.

When your daughters are rivals

Comparing siblings, especially sisters, as a motivation tool is a recipe for disaster.

The odd girl out

My daughter is friends with a pair of twins, but gets on better with one. Can she invite one twin to hang out without the other?

Students starving themselves

Girls stressed by assessments are ending up in mental health units and starving themselves.


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It's hard to let kids grow up

Encouraging independence in our kids can be as hard for them as it is for us.

teen sex manual

Teen sex manual 'too graphc'

A new book aimed at demystifying sex for teens featuring real life photos of teen couples has been deemed too much by some parents.


Being a transgender kid

Most of us will never understand the struggle of those who feel trapped in the wrong body but a new film gives a glimpse.

teen girl

'You just don't understand'

This advice is like the missing piece of the puzzle, the reason my kids so often feel that I am simply missing the point.

anna guy

The birds and the bees

My eldest son has just had the 'talk' at primary school. I thought I had a bit more time up my sleeve.

Tampon game destigmatises

Two New York school girls have created a video game that features tampons instead of weapons.

teen sex

Don't want to hear it

Every time I try to talk to my kids about puberty or sex they run away and block their ears.

teen girl

Does your child have grit?

Angela Lee Duckworth discovers the single most significant predictor for success in children and it isn’t social intelligence, physical health, attractiveness or even IQ.

Robin Williams

Talking about suicide

How does one explain suicide to a child? It is a concept that many adults do not understand.

mother daughter

Mother like daughter

The greatest challenge of mothering a daughter is to allow them to be themselves.


'Cannot protect her'

I support my beautiful 17-year-old's decision to come out but worry about people's reactions.

father and daughter

Teens moving out

When your child decides to live with your ex, instead of split their time between homes.

teenage boy generic

Things are changing

When is it normal for a boy's voice to change?

teen sex

A healthy approach to sex

In the age of sexting, social media and online porn, how do young men learn to be healthy, happy sexual beings?

A brief guide to teen talk

My 12-year-old forbade me to read her phone, so of course I thought something was up and had a snoop. Trouble is I couldn't decode the text talk.

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