sad teens

Teens 'let down' on suicide advice

Teenagers losing faith in official mental health services are turning to informal counselling from those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

In the blink of an eye

They say that your child's early years go by in the blink of an eye. This video shows just that, with 14 years flying by in 4 minutes.

Raising a child dangerously

Putting our daughter in danger as we follow our passion is the best gift we know to give her.

'You can't take it back'

The mother of a girl who committed suicide wants teens given the blunt facts.

Lorde anti-airbrushing

Lorde has again shown she is not without flaws, while highlighting the fact pictures do lie.


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mother daughter talking

Your kids and your sex life

Do you talk about your sex life with your kids or is that a no-go area?

Piggybank piggy bank

Teens and pocket money

We're re-evaluating my teen daughter's allowance. Should it cover her clothes? I want to teach her independence.


Stress-proof your child

Primary school kids crying during tests, five-year-olds getting tutored - is life getting harder for kids?


Teen earns $47k/week

Taylor Dow, 17, is earning a fortune selling a weight-loss tea across the world.

teen sex

Sex talk fail

I found it easy to talk about sex with my kids when they were younger. It's a different story now they're teens.

Teen Jay Lichter

Teens turn off driving

The number of teenage licence holders has plummeted in the past five years in a growing desire for a carless life.


Pupils' sex lesson upsets parents

Explicit sex education at a West Coast primary school sparked a flurry of shocked complaints.

Generic money

Is part time work bad for kids?

Are modern parents too reluctant to let their children enter the workforce?


Teen's 1914 diary on Twitter

Olive liked cakes and shopping and hated Mondays. Daily extracts from her 1914 diary are being published on Twitter.

Hamilton teenager Hannah Moulden

Runway riches await

She's a beauty pageant veteran, heading for London. Is this New Zealand's next super-model?

slam poem

What guys look for in girls

If you watch one thing today make it this slam poem by 17-year-old Savannah Brown.

sad teen

Emotional turmoil of teens

Almost one in three boys and and more than half of girls have an episode of depression or anxiety during their teens.

empty nest

A looming empty nest

The time until my kids go off to university is no longer counted in terms of years. It's this year.


Surgery for bullied teens

A nonprofit US organisation is controversially providing free plastic surgery to teens who have been bullied because of their looks.


Adulthood in a can

Old Spice has unveiled a hilarious new commercial that's up there with some of the brand's best (and zaniest) work.

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