Robin Williams

Talking about suicide

How does one explain suicide to a child? It is a concept that many adults do not understand.

Don't want to hear it

Every time I try to talk to my kids about puberty or sex they run away and block their ears.

Does your child have grit?

Angela Lee Duckworth discovers the single most significant predictor for success in children and it isn’t social intelligence, physical health, attractiveness or even IQ.

Mother like daughter

The greatest challenge of mothering a daughter is to allow them to be themselves.

'Cannot protect her'

Reader's story

I support my beautiful 17-year-old's decision to come out but worry about people's reactions.


We're talking about...

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father and daughter

Teens moving out

When your child decides to live with your ex, instead of split their time between homes.

teenage boy generic

Things are changing

When is it normal for a boy's voice to change?

teen sex

A healthy approach to sex

In the age of sexting, social media and online porn, how do young men learn to be healthy, happy sexual beings?

A brief guide to teen talk

My 12-year-old forbade me to read her phone, so of course I thought something was up and had a snoop. Trouble is I couldn't decode the text talk.

dollar coin

Learning the value of a dollar

My children grew up thinking money grows on trees. But my eldest has finally learned to appreciate a dollar - thanks to her new job.


An empowering selfie

Carleigh O'Connell found herself the target of a mean (and public) joke, but instead of falling victim she fought back with a bum selfie.

Jaylani Turner

Paris date for young model

Jaylani Turner has been brushing up on her Te Reo for when she competes in the Face of the Globe pageant in Paris later this year.


Bindi's plea to teens

Steve Irwin's teenage daughter has a crusade of her own - urging teens girls to cover up, go makeup free and let their light shine through.


Thigh gaps and eating disorders

Can a teen's quest for a thigh gap lead to a full-fledged eating disorder?


How sex fears are damaging girls

There are six really big and very connected problems with all the fear swirling around a girl's budding sexuality.

book sale

How to get your son reading

My 12-year-old son doesn't read for pleasure any more. Do you have any suggestions on what might fire up his imagination (in an age-appropriate way!).


Periods don't have glitter

When they say fake it 'til you make it, they rarely mean your period. But that is exactly what happens in this hilarious new ad.


The boy who slept outside

Teenager Rudy Hummel decided to sleep in his tree house for an entire year - braving freezing conditions along the way.

Martha Baxendell

Mums still main mentors

In a world where the pressures on girls are greater than ever, one age-old influence still rises above all others.

Talking to kids

Lost in translation

What you say and what your kids hear can be two different things.

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