sad teens

Parenting a suicidal teen

Coping with a child who suffers from mental illness has taught me not to judge, not to ask why, not to doubt my abilities as a parent.

Raising independent teens

Dealing with a combination of hormones, peer pressure and bodily changes makes parenting teens like walking on eggshells.

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.

Family the secret

The secret to teenage happiness evades most parents.

Teen gets Maccas tattoo

Teen has a permanent reminder of his last trip to Maccas, after getting his receipt tattooed on his arm.


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Viral backfire

Shaming mum learns lesson

In an attempt to show her daughter how quickly a picture can spread over the internet, one mum's 'lesson' backfired.

Cyber bullying

Kids bullied into care

Teenagers are ending up in psychiatric care after being urged to commit suicide online.

gavin holmes

Dad's booze prosecution

The father of an underage teen who illegally bought a bottle of vodka online is looking to bring a private prosecution against supplier The Mill.


From drugs to mugs

If the 'just say no to drugs' message isn't getting through to your teens, show them these mugshots.

Colin Bday

Happy Birthday Colin

Colin Wood didn't want to celebrate his birthday, saying he didn't have any friends, so his mum set out to prove him wrong.


Teens save neighbour

Two teens who rescued a woman from a house fire earlier this year personify the Waikato spirit.


Teens charged over tourists attack

Four teenagers will appear in court today charged in relation to the alleged aggravated robbery of two German tourists.

teen smoking

Fears for today's teens

Parents are struggling with giving their teens more freedom, amid fears there are more dangers and temptations out there than in the past.

cyber bullying

Bill hard on bullying

Principals fed up with sorting out social media backstabbing by pupils hope new law will quash the problem.

school generic

Sexploits worry schools

Principals want powers to stop students recording and sharing sexual exploits or assaults.


Are the kids alright?

Mum's sick, dad's tired - how cancer in the family can affect teenage kids.

Teen love

Bully link to risky sex

According to a new study, teens who are either bulllies, or victims of bullying themselve are more likely to engage in risky sex.

Internet Addiction

Am I ugly?

Teenage girls aren't the only ones posting pictures of themselves online asking strangers to rate how they look, teenage boys are doing the same.

mean girls

How to parent cruel teens

It can be shocking and devastating for a parent to find that their teenager has been bullying others.

Mike King

Comic's story helps troubled teen

A Mangere teen is turning it all around with the help of comedian Mike King.

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