Moody teens may be lacking selenium

A relationship between selenium concentration and depression has emerged in new Kiwi research.

Forget 'fix it' mode

When we try to rescue our kids from hurt feelings by changing the people around them, we deny them the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

Teens drinking to get smashed

At 14, a "wasted" Chloe* passed out and woke up to a guy trying to "get with" her.

Misconceptions about teens

Think your teenager hates you and doesn't ever listen to you? Read this.

Swift's message to bullied girl

Taylor Swift has reached out to a bullied teen on Instagram, with an inspirational message.


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teen girl

Pressure to be perfect

Experts are warning that there is a new threat to the wellbeing of young women: perfectionism.

siblings, older child playing with younger child, swimming

6 things said to firstborns

Firstborns are the guinea pigs - they deal with parents learning how to be parents.

stressed mum

Letter to my kids

Dear kids, it is unbelievably hard to parent you, and I stand by my right to complain.

jamol Ngatai

New future is teen's new high

A teenager has stubbed out his addiction to synthetic cannabis and picked up a toolbelt.

Bullying vid

Bullied teen to meet net giant

A homeschooled Hutt teen's anti-bullying video has got the attention of Google bosses.

Teens on Tinder

Teenagers, as young as 15, are using a popular smartphone app to arrange casual sexual encounters.

 The Loft

When bullying stops, everyone wins

Tawhirirangi Mason used to torment classmates and teachers. Then something changed.


Girl flees with stranger

A man allegedly travelled hundreds of kilometres to pick up a 12-year-old girl he met online.

mother daughter talking

Raising independent teens

Dealing with a combination of hormones, peer pressure and bodily changes makes parenting teens like walking on eggshells.

sad teen

Parenting a suicidal teen

Coping with a child who suffers from mental illness has taught me not to judge, not to ask why, not to doubt my abilities as a parent.

Jaycea devoe

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.

Rosie Rixon

Family the secret

The secret to teenage happiness evades most parents.

maccas tattoo

Teen gets Maccas tattoo

Teen has a permanent reminder of his last trip to Maccas, after getting his receipt tattooed on his arm.

Viral backfire

Shaming mum learns lesson

In an attempt to show her daughter how quickly a picture can spread over the internet, one mum's 'lesson' backfired.

Cyber bullying

Kids bullied into care

Teenagers are ending up in psychiatric care after being urged to commit suicide online.

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