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This age group can be a bit tricky to buy for. On the one hand, they aren't little kids anymore, on the other they aren't quite fully fledged teenagers yet. Peer pressure and what is considered "cool" is likely to be influence by friends and they are still figuring out what they like.

This is one instance where chatting to mum and dad and possibly the tween themselves is likely to give you a much better idea of what to buy.

Each child is different, a niece might still be into doll houses, while another might be a bit more sophisticated and a clothing voucher would suit better.

Kids in this age group are more likely going to be hoping for some bigger items such as iPods and iPads and at this stage a few will be aware that mum and dad are replacing the big red jolly man.

For family this means you might be able to make financial contribution to a more expensive item, for friends, here are a few ideas to help.

Smart gift ideas

We asked a few retailers what they thought their bes sellers would be this Christmas and this is what they came back with:

Stationery: Stationery is a great gift option for tweenage girls. Fun, funky and colourful, you are bound to find a great selection without it costing an arm and a leg.

Little Diva: TV Shows like American Idol and X-Factor have inspired many singers; games like Twister Dance will give your tweens the chance to be their own pop stars - in the limelight of their bedrooms. One Direction merchandise is sure to be a big hit for die-hard fans.  

Accessories: Photo frames and other room gear is also a great gift idea, especially if they are moving from a kiddie's room into a more grown-up room.

School gear: Funky lunch boxes, drink bottles and towels are some of the cool school gear goodies that would come in useful when tweens start high school.

Inspiration: At such an influential age, some books on positive role models is also a good idea, whether they are into swimming or rugby, there are dozens of books on inspirational sports heros.

Think outside the Christmas box

Room makeover: If the tween in your family is having their room redecorated, why not help out? It doesn't have to be a big purchase; it might be a wall decal, or a frame in the colour scheme. For boys it might be a framed poster of their favourite sports team. This is a well-thought out gift idea that they will enjoy for a long time.

Big concerts/ sports events: Maybe they are the world's biggest Bieber fan or a One Direction die hard. Maybe he lives and breathes rugby and would love to go to a big game next year. Find out what is coming up next year and gift a contribution to the concert/ game of a lifetime.  

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Tell us: What is the best gift your tween ever received?

- Essential Mums

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