Tweens to teens

Tweens to teens



A sign from above

Every year, 16-year-old Ashlynn Marracino releases a balloon in her father's memory, sending with it a message asking for a sign.


Freedom, power and motivation

We didn't just want to teach our kids how to "handle money, we wanted them to learn impulse-control, planning, and the ability to say no to themselves.

teenage boy

Stinky teen son

My 13-year-old son forgets to wear deodorant or brush his teeth. We feel like we are constantly nagging him. How do we change this behaviour?

teen girl

Perfectionist teen

Our perfectionist teen gets frustrated when things don't go her way and is awful to be around. How can I get her to control her emotions?

teen on phone

Help - my teens are slobs

My teenagers resist doing household chores. How can I teach them that doing chores are lifelong skills they will need as adults?


what's in this section?

Development Teenage girl talking on the phone

Failure to launch

Got a high school or university kid who zones out with TV instead of tackling his study? You might be part of the problem.

teen homework

'You're so special'

Feeling valued is key to children's wellbeing; but some parents 'overvalue' their child, believing they are more special than others.

Health & nutrition weight

My teenage weight battle

When I was a teenager, my weight started to creep out of control. I struggled to maintain it, much to the concern of my slim parents.

Do more to help addicted teens

DHBs have achieved a national target aimed at getting drug-addicted teens the help they need.


School deciles: the big movers

Half of Christchurch's schools will see decile increases but only one in 10 Auckland schools will. Check your school's details here.

Tablets 'hold students back'

Increased smart device use at schools is hampering pupils' computer skills development, industry experts say.


Moody teens may be lacking selenium

A relationship between selenium concentration and depression has emerged in new Kiwi research.

mother daughter talking

Forget 'fix it' mode

When we try to rescue our kids from hurt feelings by changing the people around them, we deny them the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

Activities Art spelling list

Art spelling list

Teach your kids to spell with our themed spelling lists.

Austin Delaney-Girdlestone

Success caps siblings' efforts

Combining fashion design and marketing, a brother and sister fulfill dream of own business in early 20s.

Products lego

The joys of Lego

Last year he won a $100 voucher – this year Simeon Collier-Foley is vying for a family holiday in Florida.

Rebekah Smith

Gulliver a winner

A six foot homage to Gulliver's Travels has won Cambridge 12-year-old Rebekah Smith a trip to Legoland in Florida.

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