Tweens to teens

Tweens to teens


stephens story

Final thumbs up

A teenager charting his fight against cancer has farewelled his thousands of Facebook followers with a final thumbs up.


In the blink of an eye

They say that your child's early years go by in the blink of an eye. This video shows just that, with 14 years flying by in 4 minutes.

mother daughter talking

Raising independent teens

Dealing with a combination of hormones, peer pressure and bodily changes makes parenting teens like walking on eggshells.


Triplets box on

Three pint-sized triplets have taken up boxing and it's not the first time they've had to put up a fight.

family eating

Exploring the culinary arts

We can't seem to get our son remotely interested in cooking. How do we get him interested in learning how to cook for himself?


what's in this section?

Development depression bullying suicide

Teens 'let down' on suicide advice

Teenagers losing faith in official mental health services are turning to informal counselling from those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

sailing family

Raising a child dangerously

Putting our daughter in danger as we follow our passion is the best gift we know to give her.

Health & nutrition Jaycea devoe

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.


Disease or abuse?

Linda and Lou Pelletier took their daughter to hospital last year to see a specialist. That didn't happen - instead they lost custody of her.

Behaviour sad teen

Parenting a suicidal teen

Coping with a child who suffers from mental illness has taught me not to judge, not to ask why, not to doubt my abilities as a parent.

Jaycea devoe

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.

Education exams

Exams on-demand nearing

New Zealand could be one of the first countries to introduce on-demand and online school examinations.


Stress-proof your child

Primary school kids crying during tests, five-year-olds getting tutored - is life getting harder for kids?

Activities Art spelling list

Art spelling list

Teach your kids to spell with our themed spelling lists.

Austin Delaney-Girdlestone

Success caps siblings' efforts

Combining fashion design and marketing, a brother and sister fulfill dream of own business in early 20s.

Products teen gifts

Gifts for teens

Arguably the toughest age group to buy for, check out these great gift ideas for teens.

Tween fashion

Tween fashion

Your beautiful tween may be "too old for toys, too young for boys," but she is highly likely to have an interest in fashion.

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