Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition



Ipad offers hope

An iPad is allowing Jordan Winther to understand and communicate with those around him.

Children pondering suicide

South Canterbury children as young as 8 are seeking help for suicidal thoughts, according to a counsellor.

When kids reject veges

Pressuring kids to eat veges tends to backfire by spurring negative emotions, so what can you do to get them to eat their greens?

Ailments confound specialists

Health mystery

Nine-year-old Zach was vomiting up to 50 times a day but doctors couldn't work out what was wrong with him.

Vegetarian tween

Ask an expert

My 10-year-old has decided to become a vegetarian. What should I be looking out for in her diet?


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Epuni Primary School's garden

Feeding minds and pupils

A school with a garden regularly feeding its 100 pupils is hoping for donations to build a kitchen which will teach parents as well.

Save the children

An unforgettable video

No one-second-a-day video you've ever seen will have the impact of this ad for the charity group Save the Children UK.

Sinead Brown, cystic fibrosis

'A death sentence'

Twelve-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis is denied life-saving drug costing $360,000 a year.

Aiden Cotton

Ear infection nearly fatal

Boy's simple ear infection "ate through bone" and got into his brain, nearly killing him.


Sugar's lunchbox trap

A Fairfax investigation into lunch box contents has shed light on some unexpected sugary culprits.

school lunch

Learning to like fresh food

School tuck shops selling greasy food are fast becoming obsolete.

Lunchboxes, school lunch

Best lunchbox snacks

Nutritionist Susie Burrell shares her tips for choosing snacks for the school lunchbox.

Dayton Preston

Nil by mouth

Dayton Preston isn’t like most other 8-year-olds – he has never eaten a meal in his life.

Lunchboxes, school lunch

Tempting school lunches

Sick of making lunches that don't get eaten? Nutritionist Lynda Smith has some tips.

Child on scales

Dear Google, is my daughter fat?

A new study found the question most likely to be asked about daughters is whether or not they're too plump.

Fat child, child obesity

Child obesity 'shocking'

Figures released by the Ministry of Health show that the child obesity rate in NZ continues to climb.


Parents' fears switches wi-fi off

A Kapiti Coast primary school has decided to switch off wi-fi in its junior classrooms after a survey of parents revealed concerns about radiation exposure.


The truth about nits

Head lice or nits: The idea alone is enough to make your scalp itch.

Sam Gillian, 5, with Shaun Johnson

Siblings start lifesaving treatment

Invercargill siblings who need life-saving transplants are about to begin their 8-month-long treatments.


Epic Batman stunt for sick boy

San Francisco officials are turning their city into Gotham to help a sick little boy realise his crime fighting dreams.

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