Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition



Battling Crohn's tough

North Canterbury boy finally meets other children who share condition he has had since six weeks old.

The boy who can't eat

Alexander Vane hasn't had a birthday cake, never had chocolate, and only ever had one icecream.

Ava's mission to inspire

Losing her legs at the age of 2 has not stopped Ava Meehan, 9, living life to the full.

What Jack's parents want you to know

Jack has an inoperable brain tumour. His parents don't know how much longer they'll have him but they want you to know this.

Allergies are real and costly

Reader's story

It's overwhelming when you discover your child has allergies, and the support of others is priceless.


what's in this section?

Ira Berryman, 5, with sister Edith, 8, and parents Benj and Maria

A brave face to the world

The bones in his face are screwed a tiny bit each day, in the hope that he can live a normal life.


Worst nit infestation ever?

In a video sure to make your skin crawl, a mother combs thousands of lice and eggs out of her daughter's hair.

obese child

I want my son to lose weight

My son, age 8, is very overweight. We've talked about how he has to start eating less and get more exercise - what else can I do?


Why French kids aren't fat

In France, children are taught about healthy eating from the time they start school, where they sit down to a four-course meal each lunch time.

Briejahna Siosiua

Students eat their words

Manurewa East School students learned about different foods before putting their cooking skills to the test.

Jade and Jessika Guest

Splitting for daughter's sake

A Northland family is being torn apart in their bid to give their six-year-old daughter cannabis oil.

Shay Wells

'He'll never walk again'

He was told the worst after a spinal stroke, but Shay Wells is getting back on his feet.


Kids shave to support friend

Students at Wellington school take part in a "fun-razor" to raise money for cancer charity.

Gus Denton

Lolly stick jammed in boy's gut

A five-year-old boy spent eight months in pain after accidentally swallowing plastic Chupa Chup stick.


Jailed for cancer hoax

An Australian mother has been jailed for poisoning her healthy daughter with cancer drugs for the attention.

reuben fey

A painful wait for surgery

A 6-year-old who fell off a flying fox at school and needed surgery had to wait 27 hours at Hawke's Bay Hospital.


Calcium for kids who hate milk

There are countless appetising ways to ensure a child consumes the calcium they need that don't involve milk or cheese.


How kids get overweight

Overweight kids don't necessarily eat lots of fast food or biscuits. Take a look at how easy it is to feed your child the wrong things.

Alice Johnston

School after liver transplant

Fit, healthy and starting school. Alice Johnston, 5, has come a long way from her tough start in life as one of New Zealand's youngest liver transplant patients.


A dream come true

After battling stage four cancer, five-year-old Addy got to make her pop star wish come true. Hear her roar.

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