Education & play

Education & play



First term lessons

I thought having a child at school would open up my days and make life a little easier – but I was wrong.

An overachieving child

My son's teacher was concerned about his obsession with marks. Yes, my son is driven to succeed. Unhealthily so.

Does unschooling work?

Unschooled children dictate the daily agenda, deciding if, when and what they want to learn about.

Dragged from school to school

Poorest schools are swapping nearly half their pupils a year, as transient families chase work or flee debt.

Ace's time to shine

He started violin just one year ago, at the age of four, and now he's composing and performing.


what's in this section?


Sleepover rule appealed

Schools are worried a court ruling could unexpectedly leave them facing higher costs for teachers to attend camps and trips.

bedtime story

Doing away with dyslexia

A new book controversially calls for the term dyslexia to be abandoned.


The kids must get through

Vietnamese kids are carried across a flooded river in giant plastic bags to get them to school.


Wi-fi safe in schools

Wi-fi not a health risk to pupils or staff, with exposure many thousands of times lower than relevant standard, Health Ministry says.


Is your child overloaded?

If your child is too busy to play, something is wrong. Down time is a vital part of learning how to lead a successful life.


Inferences of racism rejected

School investigated after parents complained it was teaching racist theories.

Air New Zealand generic

Convicted trainees

Children are being taught by trainee teachers with drug and assault convictions.

Roy Warren

Religious lessons back

Human Rights Commission intervention or no, school's Christian lessons are back on.

anna guy

The humble cardboard box

Kids don't need all the latest toys - something as simple as a cardboard box can fire up their imaginations.

 crossing outside Deanwell School.

Distracted drivers a danger

LIBBY WILSON - © Fairfax NZ News
School crossing guards have been told to jump for cover after a spate of near misses.

Anna Guy

Kids turn business sharks

The kids are of an age now where they are starting to learn about money and how to make it.


How to make maths fun

If X equals disengaged kids and Y equals parents who are intimidated by primary school homework, the sum of the variables is Z: an epic maths fail.

Parua Bay School

School fakes national standards

A Northland primary school has been caught faking its national standards results.

lonely planet busy places

Books for young adventurers

Lonely Planet is aiming to grab adventurers at a young age, with a new series of books aimed at readers five and up.

spelling bee

Epic spelling bee battle

Two contestants in a US spelling bee duked it out for so long organisers ran out of words for them to spell.

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