Education & play

Education & play



School deciles: the big movers

Half of Christchurch's schools will see decile increases but only one in 10 Auckland schools will. Check your school's details here.

Unregistered teachers 'no concern'

More than 5000 unregistered teachers are working in New Zealand schools.

School drops microchip plan

A school's plan to issue pupils with microchipped wrist bands has failed to gain support from parents.

Mindfulness in the classroom

It's all the rage with yoga mums and British politicians - next it could be your kids.

Deciles for the chop

School decile funding set to be dropped as an analysis confirms lower decile schools are behind.


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Rylea-May van Alphen

Lofty goal for cheerleader

Rylea-May van Alphen has been a competitive athlete for almost half her 9 years.


When Barbie kills

Kerri Sackville shares how playing with Barbie took a hilariously scary turn for the worse.


Product review: Kinetic sand

This isn't just sand - it's magic sand, and you'll find yourself as keen to play with it as your kids are.

Birthday cake

Throw a scavenger hunt party

If you are after a kids' birthday party that's full of fun and costs next to nothing this is the one for you .


How to make maths fun

Just because you hated maths doesn't mean your kids have to. Here are some tips to help make numbers interesting.


Sex ed and 7-year-olds

Children as young as seven to get sex ed in UK but Kiwi school leaders say it's parents' responsibility.

School classroom

Modern schools go beyond learning

Classrooms are being redesigned around the catch phrase "modern learning environment".

Windy ridge school

Programme targets boys

Pilot programme 'Success for Boys' is helping boys get excited about story writing.

ipad with kids

Kids and video games

A new study has found playing video games for a short time could be positive for kids.


How to stop bullying?

Is changing the school your child attends the solution to stop bullying?

Faolan Harkness

Support for students stretched

Students with special learning needs are still missing out on help with exams, despite an expensive assessment fee being scrapped.


Are school holidays time for chilling out or activities?

Are school holidays a time for kids to chill out and relax, or do they need some structured activities to stop them running amok?

School smartphone app

Schools smarten up

Smartphone technology is helping schools to report absences and check events.

texting and driving

Is txt tlk ruining spelling?

Can your kids still string together a proper written sentence or has everything been reduced to text talk?

Alexandra and Sophie Judd

Kiwi kids get crafty

Rainbow looms and Dreamworks trading cards have taken Kiwi kids by storm.

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