Education & play

Education & play



How to stop bullying?

Is changing the school your child attends the solution to stop bullying?

Sex ed and 7-year-olds

Children as young as seven to get sex ed in UK but Kiwi school leaders say it's parents' responsibility.

Modern schools go beyond learning

Classrooms are being redesigned around the catch phrase "modern learning environment".

Programme targets boys

Pilot programme 'Success for Boys' is helping boys get excited about story writing.

Kids and video games

A new study has found playing video games for a short time could be positive for kids.


what's in this section?

Faolan Harkness

Support for students stretched

Students with special learning needs are still missing out on help with exams, despite an expensive assessment fee being scrapped.


Are school holidays time for chilling out or activities?

Are school holidays a time for kids to chill out and relax, or do they need some structured activities to stop them running amok?

School smartphone app

Schools smarten up

Smartphone technology is helping schools to report absences and check events.

texting and driving

Is txt tlk ruining spelling?

Can your kids still string together a proper written sentence or has everything been reduced to text talk?

Alexandra and Sophie Judd

Kiwi kids get crafty

Rainbow looms and Dreamworks trading cards have taken Kiwi kids by storm.

Massey University gifted education specialist Associate Professor Tracy Riley.

NZ schools 'a step back' for gifted kids

Our smartest kids may be missing out in the classroom, as teachers and resources are focused on helping their under-achieving peers.


Parents take on bullying

A couple whose 9-year-old son was allegedly strangled and stomped on have had enough.

Junior reviewers

Picture books: We ask the experts

When it comes to judging the best picture books in the country, we have asked the true experts.


'Dangerous' things kids should do

The bumps and bruises of childhood are being micro-managed out of existence and adventurer Bear Grylls thinks it's doing our children a disservice.

Fiona and Amy Basha

Homework for parents

A programme designed to actively engage parents is lifting achievements rates and will be rolled out across New Zealand.

Kids TV

My son has stopped playing

I've been letting my 5-year-old watch TV or the iPad after school, because it's just easier and, you know, I have things to do!

birthday party

Banning birthday presents

Would you ban presents at your child's birthday party? This mum did - what happened next might surprise you.

teen homework

'I don't want to go to school'

What do you do when mornings become a running battle, because your child doesn't want to go to school?

Working mum

The school holiday juggle

How did you manage the school holiday/work balance? Was it a juggle or did you have a plan?

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard

Half of school principals stressed

A new survey suggests primary and intermediate teachers are being "stretched too thin".

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