Dress up

When your daughter's a princess

My five-year-old daughter favours a look that could be called Highly Flammable High Femme.

Sweet fantasies vs harsh realities

Something strange happens in my house after the kids and I go to sleep. My six-year-old daughter is visited by fairies.

Teaching kids independence

How do we let our children out into the great, wide world without the parental freak out?

Why I won't call my daughter 'gifted'

I don't want a gifted child. I want my kids to be successful failures. More precisely, I want to teach my daughters to fail successfully.

Tiny surfers taking over the waves

If you're prone to feelings of inferiority best look away now, because these two six-year-old surfers are probably far more talented than you.


what's in this section?


F-bombs for feminism

"What's more offensive, a little girl saying f..k or the sexist way society treats girls and women?" That's the question posed by swearing little girls in a viral video.

Dress up

Does your child refuse to get dressed?

If getting your child clothed is a daily battle, here are some tips to get things moving.

Loo roll

Seven-year-old wetting the bed

My 7-year old still wets his bed. He's really stressed about it, and the problem is getting worse with time. How common is it at this age?

Soccer ball

Should you let kids quit?

You might want your kids to play sport to help foster a team spirit, but if they really hate it should you let them drop out?

kid on bike

5 things I haven't taught my kids

There are a few key life skills I haven't taught my kids, and I'm okay with that.

Kids playfighting with dad

Challenges of raising boys

Being raised as one of four girls, it would be fair to say boys were foreign to me. So when I gave birth to two sons, I felt out of my depth.


Flex your kids' brains with exercise

If kids are going to be all that they are meant to be, both physically and cognitively, then they need to be physically fit.

rebecca papprill

Life's not so black and white

How to address those curly questions such as "where is my dad?"


Messy rooms ok

A tidy room isn't necessarily as crucial to a child's development as parents might expect.

child reading

6 tips to get reading

Do you have a reluctant reader in the family? Here are some tips to get them reading.

sibling rivalry

Oops, did I say that?

I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.


Girls just wanna have fun

Megan gained clarity about raising her two girls after a friend posted a link on Facebook.

mother daughter

Kids and world tragedy

As a parent, what should we do when kids see or hear the news and start asking questions?


Bless this mess

My daughter's room is a tip. She's 8. Should I ignore it? Should I make her clean it? Should I clean it for her?

siblings, older child playing with younger child, swimming

Five ways to raise kind kids

If we want our kids to become caring, responsible adults we need to teach them how to get there. Here are five tips from a Harvard psychologist.

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