chores, housework, kids

Bless this mess

My daughter's room is a tip. She's 8. Should I ignore it? Should I make her clean it? Should I clean it for her?

Girls just wanna have fun

Megan gained clarity about raising her two girls after a friend posted a link on Facebook.

Kids and world tragedy

As a parent, what should we do when kids see or hear the news and start asking questions?

Five ways to raise kind kids

If we want our kids to become caring, responsible adults we need to teach them how to get there. Here are five tips from a Harvard psychologist.

The importance of friends

Friends are an important part of our lives, some we only have in our lives for a short time and others become like a part of our family.


what's in this section?


Does your child have friends?

Nothing tears at a parent's heart strings like the words, "No-one wants to play with me!" Here is how to help kids form friendships.

Bubble wrapped

Adult fears cramp kids

Children are becoming more anxious and angry - and it's all our fault, researchers say.

Creepy girl

Do you lie by omission?

If you don't tell your kids the whole truth, chances are they can tell - and they're not impressed.


I don't like the tooth fairy

My five year old son has lost his first tooth, why am I so worried about the tooth fairy?

Grumpy girl

Coping with a wilful child

"NO!" she screamed, eyes wide and distraught. "Go away! GO AWAY! I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF!" - Does this sound familiar?

Cycling lobbyists

Parents scared to let kids ride bikes

Parental fear has led to a drop in the number of children cycling to school - and more cars.

sad child

Real deprivation?

Parents in the US are going off because stores have run out of Frozen toys, Kerri Sackville thinks they need to harden up.

sad child

Stressed kids suffer DNA damage

Children who grow up in poverty or an unstable family show early signs of genetic ageing, a new study has found.

Pocket money

When pocket money backfires

Since getting pocket money, my kid won't lift a finger without pay. Help!

Salary top-ups

Money lessons for kids

These five money lessons could help your kids turn into adults who aren't stressed by money.

Brianna Illes-Hall

Working for allowances

Many parents are encouraging a strong work ethic by refusing to hand over money for nothing, new research shows.

Kids TV

More TV equals less sleep

The more television children watch, the less total sleep they're getting, according to a new study.

Grabbing fat

"Mum, you're fat"

I am overweight, but when my daughter called me fat it pierced my heart.


'How much did she cost?'

You'll be amazed at some of the hurtful, ignorant things people have said to these adopted girls and their mum.

Anna Guy

Growing independence

How young is too young for kids to go to the park on their own?

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