Are we too soft on our kids?

The days of children being seen and not heard are long gone - but have we gone too far the other way?

How to help a shy child shine

Shyness can freeze you and refuse to let you thaw until you feel safe. And feeling safe can be the hardest thing when you are shy.

Bullying at home

Kids who are bullied by their brothers or sisters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and to self-harm.

Are anxieties passed on?

It's clear children inherit our DNA, but do we pass on our anxieties and neuroses?

Broken by the bully battle

Reader's story

I am exhausted, I am heartbroken, I am angry, I am lost. Imagine how my children feel.


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sad child

Parent first, friend second

You can be friends with the parents of your child's friends, but not those of their bully.


Your house your rules?

Have you experienced the awkwardness of having to enforce your house rules on your friend's children in front of them?

Cyber bullying

Researcher seeks parents' help

A Victoria University professor wants parents' help for some answers on cyber-bullying.

confessions of a BULLY

Confessions of a bully

A seven-year-old's remorse for bullying a boy for bringing a Barbie doll to school led him to create an anti-bullying campaign.


'Stop disciplining your children'

A psychologist says parents who want their kids to grow into happy, fulfilled adults need to stop trying to control their behaviour.

David Beattie

Verbal abuse 'an offence'

Calling your 10-year-old daughter a whore should be recognised as a crime in same way smacking is, cop says.

Grumpy girl

Why is my 5-year-old arguing?

Our 5-year-old argues with us about everything and anything. What can I do?

sad child

Should kids attend funerals?

My seemingly healthy father died suddenly from a heart attack two months ago - my kids didn't attend his funeral.


You're grounded

Why banish your kids to their bedroom as punishment when you have a million household chores to do?

mum and toddler

Happiness responsibility?

We just want our children to be happy. Let me explain why I believe it is part lie, part curse and part unachievable burden.


Bullying in sport

Being teased or bullied during PE is enough to put kids off sport.


Listen up

Sick of your child not listening to you? Here are some tips on how to get through to them without yelling.

Daydreaming is hard work.

Do not enter

Every kid wants space from parents and annoying siblings, have a look at this hilarious collection of 'do not enter' signs.

anna guy

Playing referee

I've decided I can't be a ref for my children. They need to learn to sort things out between themselves.

Happy woman

Teaching girls' happiness

What are young women and girls learning about what it means to be happy? Who are their happiness role models?

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