Five to ten

Five to ten


The first day of school

The start of the school year feels like a fresh lap. 

grumpy girl

Middle child blues

Our six-year-old daughter brings the whole family down with her grumpiness and moods. How can we deal with her?


The downside of perfectionism

If something doesn't come easily for my daughter, or if she's not perfect the first time she tries something, she just gives up.

kid on tablet

A tablet for a 5-year-old?

Suddenly, we were faced with the prospect of our 5-year-old owning a tablet, on which she could play games, practice reading or surf the internet.


Personality vs intelligance

Being smart is one thing, but it's what kids' are prepared to do with their intelligence that counts.


what's in this section?

Development Dress up

When your daughter's a princess

My five-year-old daughter favours a look that could be called Highly Flammable High Femme.

Fairy wings

Sweet fantasies vs harsh realities

Something strange happens in my house after the kids and I go to sleep. My six-year-old daughter is visited by fairies.

Health & nutrition

The boy who can't eat

Alexander Vane hasn't had a birthday cake, never had chocolate, and only ever had one icecream.

Ava's mission to inspire

Losing her legs at the age of 2 has not stopped Ava Meehan, 9, living life to the full.

Education & play

School deciles: the big movers

Half of Christchurch's schools will see decile increases but only one in 10 Auckland schools will. Check your school's details here.

Unregistered teachers 'no concern'

More than 5000 unregistered teachers are working in New Zealand schools.

Behaviour Child, dishes

A generation without chores

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?

sad child

A letter about THAT child

If your child has THAT kid in their class here is what a teacher wants you to know about all the things they can't tell you.

Activities ABC

Learn to write the alphabet

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write their alphabet in both upper and lower cases.


Learn to write words

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write words by sounding them out, tracing and then drawing a picture.


Calling all Lego fans

Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.


Product review: Kinetic sand

This isn't just sand - it's magic sand, and you'll find yourself as keen to play with it as your kids are.

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