Five to ten

Five to ten



Girls just wanna have fun

Megan gained clarity about raising her two girls after a friend posted a link on Facebook.

mother daughter

Kids and world tragedy

As a parent, what should we do when kids see or hear the news and start asking questions?

siblings, older child playing with younger child, swimming

Five ways to raise kind kids

If we want our kids to become caring, responsible adults we need to teach them how to get there. Here are five tips from a Harvard psychologist.


Support for students stretched

Students with special learning needs are still missing out on help with exams, despite an expensive assessment fee being scrapped.

chores, housework, kids

Bless this mess

My daughter's room is a tip. She's 8. Should I ignore it? Should I make her clean it? Should I clean it for her?


what's in this section?

Development anna guy

The importance of friends

Friends are an important part of our lives, some we only have in our lives for a short time and others become like a part of our family.


Does your child have friends?

Nothing tears at a parent's heart strings like the words, "No-one wants to play with me!" Here is how to help kids form friendships.

Health & nutrition food

How kids get overweight

Overweight kids don't necessarily eat lots of fast food or biscuits. Take a look at how easy it is to feed your child the wrong things.

Jade and Jessika Guest

Splitting for daughter's sake

A Northland family is being torn apart in their bid to give their six-year-old daughter cannabis oil.

Education & play School smartphone app

Schools smarten up

Smartphone technology is helping schools to report absences and check events.


Are school holidays time for chilling out or activities?

Are school holidays a time for kids to chill out and relax, or do they need some structured activities to stop them running amok?

Behaviour discipline

Your house your rules?

Have you experienced the awkwardness of having to enforce your house rules on your friend's children in front of them?

Cyber bullying

Researcher seeks parents' help

A Victoria University professor wants parents' help for some answers on cyber-bullying.

Activities ABC

Learn to write the alphabet

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write their alphabet in both upper and lower cases.


Learn to write words

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write words by sounding them out, tracing and then drawing a picture.


Calling all Lego fans

Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.

child with mobile phone

Are mobiles a safety issue?

When Sonja Ebbels lost her son in a crowd at a school fete she started to think it might be time to get him a phone.

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