Big kids

Big kids



Grieving dad fulfils daughter's dreams

Anna van Keulen died suddenly in a bike accident, but her father is making her dream come true.

child with mobile phone

Phone wars

I only see my son once a month, so I gave him a mobile phone to keep in touch. My ex-wife confiscated it when he misbehaved and I'm furious.

Generic police car 5

Woman hunted after kids smacked

Smacking of three children by an "older woman" is said to have caused "considerable upset".

teen sex manual

Teen sex manual 'too graphc'

A new book aimed at demystifying sex for teens featuring real life photos of teen couples has been deemed too much by some parents.

fbombs for feminism

F-bombs for feminism

"What's more offensive, a little girl saying f..k or the sexist way society treats girls and women?" That's the question posed by swearing little girls in a viral video.


five to ten

Development Dress up

Does your child refuse to get dressed?

If getting your child clothed is a daily battle, here are some tips to get things moving.

Health & nutrition obese child

I want my son to lose weight

My son, age 8, is very overweight. We've talked about how he has to start eating less and get more exercise - what else can I do?

Education & play maths

How to make maths fun

Just because you hated maths doesn't mean your kids have to. Here are some tips to help make numbers interesting.

Behaviour Child, dishes

A generation without chores

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?

Activities ABC

Learn to write the alphabet

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write their alphabet in both upper and lower cases.


Calling all Lego fans

Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.

tweens to teens

Development Robin Williams

Talking about suicide

How does one explain suicide to a child? It is a concept that many adults do not understand.

Health & nutrition weight

My teenage weight battle

When I was a teenager, my weight started to creep out of control. I struggled to maintain it, much to the concern of my slim parents.

Behaviour teen girl

Pressure to be perfect

Experts are warning that there is a new threat to the wellbeing of young women: perfectionism.

Education Steven Adams

Adams gives back

Rising basketball star Steven Adams is determined to give another kid the same opportunities he had.

Activities Art spelling list

Art spelling list

Teach your kids to spell with our themed spelling lists.

Products lego

The joys of Lego

Last year he won a $100 voucher – this year Simeon Collier-Foley is vying for a family holiday in Florida.

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