Big kids

Big kids


stephens story

Final thumbs up

A teenager charting his fight against cancer has farewelled his thousands of Facebook followers with a final thumbs up.


Worst bully advice ever?

Don't defend yourself, don't tell anyone and mock yourself when a bully attacks you, this was actual advice sent home with students.

waitara parents

Time for buses to belt up - mum

A Waitara mother is calling for buses to be fitted with seatbelts after her daughter was left with a gash to her head during a recent bus ride.


Calling all Lego fans

Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.

family eating

Exploring the culinary arts

We can't seem to get our son remotely interested in cooking. How do we get him interested in learning how to cook for himself?


five to ten

Development Cycling lobbyists

Parents scared to let kids ride bikes

Parental fear has led to a drop in the number of children cycling to school - and more cars.

Health & nutrition Jordan and family

Ipad offers hope

An iPad is allowing Jordan Winther to understand and communicate with those around him.

Education & play Tooth fairy

A tooth fairy tale

A school principal using his connections to the tooth fairy made a huge difference to a little girl's day. Have a look at this heartwarming letter.

Behaviour mum and toddler

Happiness responsibility?

We just want our children to be happy. Let me explain why I believe it is part lie, part curse and part unachievable burden.

Activities ABC

Learn to write the alphabet

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write their alphabet in both upper and lower cases.

Products child with mobile phone

Are mobiles a safety issue?

When Sonja Ebbels lost her son in a crowd at a school fete she started to think it might be time to get him a phone.

tweens to teens

Development Lotte

In the blink of an eye

They say that your child's early years go by in the blink of an eye. This video shows just that, with 14 years flying by in 4 minutes.

Health & nutrition Max, Mia and Oliver O’Donoghue

Triplets box on

Three pint-sized triplets have taken up boxing and it's not the first time they've had to put up a fight.

Behaviour mother daughter talking

Raising independent teens

Dealing with a combination of hormones, peer pressure and bodily changes makes parenting teens like walking on eggshells.

Education exams

Exams on-demand nearing

New Zealand could be one of the first countries to introduce on-demand and online school examinations.

Activities Art spelling list

Art spelling list

Teach your kids to spell with our themed spelling lists.

Products teen gifts

Gifts for teens

Arguably the toughest age group to buy for, check out these great gift ideas for teens.

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