Big kids

Big kids


How to teach empathy

My 6-year-old is good at identifying his own emotions but doesn't seem to notice anyone else's at all. Can we teach empathy?


When there's no-one to play with

Last year I was that nervous parent taking my first-born to her first day of big school.

Neglect or common sense?

As children head back to school, we ask is free-range parenting neglectful or just letting kids be kids?

children fighting

Ganging up on the babysitter

My kids are being really rude to their new babysitter. I've never seen them behave like this before. What can I do?


Battling Crohn's tough

North Canterbury boy finally meets other children who share condition he has had since six weeks old.


five to ten

Development Dress up

When your daughter's a princess

My five-year-old daughter favours a look that could be called Highly Flammable High Femme.

Health & nutrition

The boy who can't eat

Alexander Vane hasn't had a birthday cake, never had chocolate, and only ever had one icecream.

Education & play

School deciles: the big movers

Half of Christchurch's schools will see decile increases but only one in 10 Auckland schools will. Check your school's details here.

Behaviour Child, dishes

A generation without chores

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?

Activities ABC

Learn to write the alphabet

Download and print this fun exercise to help your kids learn to write their alphabet in both upper and lower cases.


Calling all Lego fans

Getting your kids stuck into their Lego stash these holidays could pay off.

tweens to teens

Development Teenage girl talking on the phone

Failure to launch

Got a high school or university kid who zones out with TV instead of tackling his study? You might be part of the problem.

Health & nutrition

'Silent killer' took daughter

After losing their daughter, two parents want other families to be aware of how deadly meningococcal disease can be.


Moody teens may be lacking selenium

A relationship between selenium concentration and depression has emerged in new Kiwi research.


Principals quit in droves

School principals are leaving the profession in droves, with parents' expectations and a lack of support blamed.

Activities Art spelling list

Art spelling list

Teach your kids to spell with our themed spelling lists.

Products lego

The joys of Lego

Last year he won a $100 voucher – this year Simeon Collier-Foley is vying for a family holiday in Florida.

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