Fitbit for babies

A new wearable monitor for babies is trying to give parents some peace of mind.

Baby head glue is a thing

For frustrated parents of bald she-babies, a company is selling glue to stick pretty bows on their heads. That's right, glue. To stick bows on your baby.

Bead maker disregards criticism

A company's claims about beads helping teething babies have been slammed as misleading.

What a newborn really needs

The baby industry is a minefield when it comes to the fine line between 'needs' and 'wants' for first-time mothers.

My buggy collection

In the shed at the bottom of our garden, we seem to be amassing a collection of buggies.


what's in this section?

Milin and Jasmin

Goodbye baby toys

I feel that we've reached a point where we need to have a brutal toy cull.


Useless baby products

Have you wasted money on pointless baby products? Check out these lists of what you do and don't need.


The latest in baby carriages

What on earth do two unmarried twenty-something blokes think they know about prams? A lot actually.

Volvo's inflatable child seat concept

Inflatable car seats

Volvo has created an inflatable child seat concept that will fold down easily and fit into a backpack.


Easter cuteness

Easter isn't just a chance to over-indulge in chocolate, it's a chance to deck your kids out in cute bunny-inspired gear.


The 'fourth trimester'

Yes, I know, pregnancy is only three trimesters, but in my opinion the postpartum period should count too.


The ultimate travel stroller

If, like me, you've just gone with a cheapie umbrella stroller as your default, you'll be amazed by this reasonably priced travel stroller.

evenflo carseat recall

Car seats recalled

Evenflo is recalling some of its car seats due to problems with a harness buckle.


Win: phil&teds stroller

This competition has now closed.

Prince George

How to dress a little prince

Thanks to his style-savvy mum, Prince George will be decked out in some adorable clothes during the Royal tour.

Kelly Boateng

Baby sling warnings

The suffocation of an Australian baby has prompted warnings about the risks of using baby slings incorrectly.

Kardashian sisters

Kardashians kids' klothes

The Kardashians are looking to ensare a new generation of fans with the release of a collection of kids clothing.

jasmin for blog use only

Goodbye amber necklace

I don't believe there is any reason why an amber necklace would relieve teething pain. And yet, I still use it.

Baby sleeping

Harmful white noise?

If a white noise machine is kept at full volume in a room with a sleeping baby, it may harm the baby's hearing suggests a new study.


Dermatitis link to wipes

Dermatologists are reporting increasing numbers of skin problems linked to using disposable baby wipes.

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