Kaden's fight for life

Before even giving birth, Katie Myers' maternal instincts warned her something was wrong with her baby.

Coldsore kills newborn

Baby Eloise was born healthy, but passed away just 25 days later, a victim of the coldsore virus.

Keeping our son alive

Reader's story

Our beautiful 7-month-old boy's allergy has changed us into the type of parents we never wanted to be.

'Master-switch' triggers hormone surge

A University of Otago study has revealed why men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

When reflux strikes...

The birth of my second child culminated in one of the longest endurance tests of my life, writes Athalie Bensemann.


We're talking about...

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Boy vomited 20 times a day

Elaine McAlister's son had 17 layers of scar tissue on his oesophagus. It was the 'worst' case of reflux.


Health risks in cleft palate gene

Researchers are looking at the genetic causes of cleft palates and the long-term health impacts for babies who have them.

shane bucket list

'Bucket list baby' dies in parents' arms

The baby boy who completed his parents' bucket list before he was even born has died in his mother's arms.

Kiran phone

Teething nightmares

It feels like teething never ends at the moment. I'm over it, tired, and fed up.

A baby

Itching for a solution for eczema

Around 30 per cent of children live with eczema every day. A dad shares his son's story and gets advice from an expert.


Babies with a cold

Six tips to help ease cold symptoms so you and your baby can rest easier.

Premature baby

Sing for baby

The sound of a mother's singing has been shown to do wonders for premature babies.

Child having his teeth brushed.

Baby's first dentist visit

Your child's first trip to the dentist should happen sooner rather than later.


My hypermobile baby

For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.


Cockroaches good for you?

From the weird but true files - exposing your baby to cockroaches might be good for them.

baby beads

Bead maker disregards criticism

A company's claims about beads helping teething babies have been slammed as misleading.


Reflux robbed us of baby joy

We told our doctor we couldn't be parents anymore and begged for help. We had reached breaking point.

Baby Taryn Stuff Nation

Baby could not eat or drink

The first year was so tough I don't know if I'll ever want a second child, Rebecca Wastney writes.

baby strap

Six months, covered in vomit

First time mum Jacqueline Denford says she was ignored and blamed by doctors over her sick baby.


Stranger's blood kept baby alive

Donated blood kept premature baby Addison Ibell from dying in her first few months of life.

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