newborn baby

Probiotics and colic

Colicky babies given probiotics as part of a large study, cried or fussed more than babies who were given placebo drops.

Why this mums won't vaccinate

Stefanie Nauderer is a non-vaccinating parent. She doesn't want to subject her daughters to the possible side-effects.

Developing food allergies

The list of foods Miss A reacts to has built slowly. She takes it in her stride, but comes out in an itchy, red rash.

'If he cried I just fed him'

Eight-month-old Santiago Mendoza is on an urgent diet - because he already weighs 20kg.

Reality star an anti-vaxxer

Kristin Cavallari won't vaccinate her kids - citing autism concerns - but is a little fuzzy on the science.


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Breastfeeding baby

Breast milk tooth decay

Extended and intensive breastfeeding may lead to a higher risk of cavities in baby's first teeth, according to a new study.

Olive Neale

Family seeks help for tot

Olive Neale was born with a skin condition so rare that doctors had never seen it before.


Baby cured of HIV?

A baby born with the HIV virus may have been cured as a result of treatments begun just hours after birth.

Baby sleeping

Harmful white noise?

If a white noise machine is kept at full volume in a room with a sleeping baby, it may harm the baby's hearing suggests a new study.


Tumour with teeth in baby's brain

Doctors have removed a rare tumour that contained several fully grown teeth from a baby boy's brain.

Alaya-Reign Faalilo Ma'anaima

Baby's death 'preventable'

Extensive vaccinations could have saved a baby dying from whooping cough, coroner says.

Vaccination child

Measles myths blamed

Measles could have been eradicated in NZ by now if it were not for anti-vaccine campaigners.


Talking helps prem babies

Babies born prematurely may benefit from being talked to while they are in intensive care suggests a new study.


Hernias in babies

Hernias are quite common in babies - here are symptoms, treatment, and risks of different types of hernia.


Analysing babies' DNA

When Kira Walker was three weeks old, her paediatrician noticed a problem.


Ava's battle with rare syndrome

The Mizzi family spend Christmas at home after a year of hospital stays and appointments for 11-month old Ava who is battling Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Jared and Connor McCallum

In a hurry to catch up

Shorter, lighter and with fewer friends by adulthood - life ahead for a very low birth-weight baby.

Newborn baby

Hip dysplasia

Parents share their stories of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) and coping with having 'hip babies'.

Louise Keats

Tongue tie led to hell year

Mother experiences "year from hell" trying to find out why her son couldn't eat or talk properly.


Baby robot delivers lifelike lessons

A newborn robot that can turn limp and even blue is helping train doctors and midwives.

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