baby beads

Bead maker disregards criticism

A company's claims about beads helping teething babies have been slammed as misleading.

My hypermobile baby

For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.

Cockroaches good for you?

From the weird but true files - exposing your baby to cockroaches might be good for them.

Reflux robbed us of baby joy

Reader's story

We told our doctor we couldn't be parents anymore and begged for help. We had reached breaking point.

Baby could not eat or drink

Reader's story

The first year was so tough I don't know if I'll ever want a second child, Rebecca Wastney writes.


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baby strap

Six months, covered in vomit

First time mum Jacqueline Denford says she was ignored and blamed by doctors over her sick baby.


Stranger's blood kept baby alive

Donated blood kept premature baby Addison Ibell from dying in her first few months of life.

A baby

'Chaos' as babies' alarms go off

Whistleblower claims 20 babies' lives were at risk when hospital air was cut during maintenance.


Baby with reflux a full-time job

Some days TJ would be in so much pain he would spend 22 out of 24 hours crying.


Baby dead, 14 ill after poisoning

A newborn has died and 14 other babies are ill after being given contaminated drips in British hospitals.


'Cocooning' your baby

When Jeannie Entin was pregnant, she insisted anyone who planned to visit her newborn baby had to get a whooping cough booster.

youtube prem

Watch: A prem baby blooms

Watch the tentative first cuddle between this tiny premature baby and his mum.

Newborn baby

NZ life expectancy among best

NZ is one of only nine countries where both baby girls and boys can expect to live 80 years plus.


Circumcision risks rise with age

Circumcisions performed on babies result in few complications, but risks rise considerable if the procedure is carried out later in childhood.

conjoined twins

Two brains, one skull

A Sydney woman has given birth to twin girls who each have a face and a brain but share one skull.


Mum 'believed everything GP said'

Mother says she was made to feel like a nuisance at the doctor, three months before her baby died.


Tough tot makes parents proud

This six-month-old hasn't been in the world long but he's proven to be a real fighter.

andrew yaroch

Can't grow hair or teeth

Mary Kaye Richter's son was diagnosed with a condition which inhibits the growth of teeth, hair and sweat glands.

Crying newborn

Probiotics and colic

Colicky babies given probiotics as part of a large study, cried or fussed more than babies who were given placebo drops.

stefanie nauderer

Why this mums won't vaccinate

Stefanie Nauderer is a non-vaccinating parent. She doesn't want to subject her daughters to the possible side-effects.

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