Education & play

Education & play



My kids and drawers

For weeks Miss A has been standing at the kitchen drawer, rifling through its contents like a detective looking for clues.

The benefits of baby talk

If you've found yourself cooing in 'baby talk' to your baby, you're off to a good start.

Cardboard box office a hit

A Kiwi couple, new to Sydney and with no friends, got creative with making their own entertainment.

Petition to recall 'apptivity' seat

An online petition is trying to force the recall of an 'apptivity' seat for babies.

Babies' maths skills

A baby's level of counting ability shown in study to indicate their later proficiency for maths.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?

Baby sign language

Baby signing

Fewer tantrums has to be a good thing, says a first-time mother who has adopted baby sign language to better understand her son's needs.


'Educating' babies

Parents are bombarded with messages that they must enrol their baby in enrichment classes to ensure future success.


Turning naps into art

Peacefully napping babies are being transformed into art in Japan by mothers who take pictures of their children with cleverly arranged household objects.

Baby lessons

Baby lessons

Babies don't yet have the words to teach us anything explicitly, but if we're observant, they can teach us some powerful lessons by example.

Talking baby

Baby sign language

Signing is said to be easier for babies to learn because it relies on gross motor skills, rather than the fine motor skills needed for speech.

your baby can read

Baby can't read

Child development experts have warned against the Your Baby Can Read! education program of video, flashcards and pop-up books.

Talking baby

Learning to be human

There was a time in your life when you didn't understand the idea of intentions. Babies aren't born with this insight, they have to learn it.


When baby's lights come on

Babies may have memory and consciousness as early as five months old, study finds.


Why babies laugh

Baby laughs are intoxicating, but how do they know something is funny? How do they even know what funny is?


Why babies stare

No one has worse manners than babies. They will not stop with the staring.

Talking baby

The miracle of pointing

Parenthood in early infancy is equal parts tedium and astonishment. The trick is telling the two apart.

KICKING BACK: Plunket babies Sadie-Ray De-Alwis, 19 weeks, and Clarke Ballinger-Jedd, four months, relax with Plunket bear Big Blue.

Plunket baby records online

Plunket has begun testing new software that will create electronic health records for a quarter of a million babies and toddlers.

victor- for blog use only do not republish

A house full of treasure

Little Vic is happy to occupy himself with pegs, water bottles, washing baskets, plastic containers, wooden spoons, straws, the dog's bed, hairbrushes and shoelaces...

Jane Vic Christmas

We conquered Christmas

Waking up on Christmas morning with a child in the house is an entirely different experience to what I’m used to.

victor- for blog use only do not republish

A date with Santa

I've already told you that I love Christmas (read: am completely bonkers about it) so getting a photo of Victor with Santa was a given.

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