Caring for baby

Caring for baby



When bonding takes time

Not all women feel a rush of love when they first see their baby, for some the mother-baby bond takes time to develop.

Most popular Maori baby names

Nikau and Aria are currently the most popular Maori baby names, followed closely behind by Wiremu and Maia.

Birthday party planning

I didn't think I'd invited too many people, but somehow we have 15 children coming to Jasmin's first birthday party.

Six parenting milestones

The first time you use your baby as an excuse to get out of a social engagement, the first time you hide in your room...

My hypermobile baby

For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.


what's in this section?

Newborn baby

The trending baby names of 2014

See which baby names are proving popular with parents this year - and what's inspiring them.

anna guy

Remembering the little things

Last week I got a call from the nurse at our doctors saying I was overdue for Ruby's immunisations and did we want her to have them done.

crying toddler

Parenting a crier

Some babies cry more than others. They're the ones who let you know how they’re feeling by crying - a lot.


Banned baby names

You can't have a baby Bear in Germany, while Harriet has Icelandic officials scratching their heads.

birthday cake

No presents please

I don't want to sound difficult or mean-spirited but I don't really want people to buy birthday presents for my daughter.


The first birthday

In one month's time, Jasmin will turn one. I'm already feeling a little emotional about it, particularly as I start to plan a little party for her.

Kiran phone

Competitive parenting

Since I've had children I've been introduced to a different kind of competition. It's the inter-parent kind. And it's not a lot of fun.


The comfort bunnies

When Milin is unwell or upset, he asks for 'bunny'. It helps wipe away tears, and generally makes the world a better place.

Kiran phone

My disastrous life

To say that Jasmin was covered in vomit doesn't come close. Of course, it was the one day I'd 'just nipped to the shops' without my full nappy bag.


Commando Dad

Former British Commando Neil Sinclair has written a parenting book telling dads how to raise their kids with military precision.

Prince George

Most popular UK baby names

Simon Cowell and Frozen have inspired British parents when it comes to naming their children, while the royal baby has put them off.

Newborn baby

Baby name regret

What happens when parents have a change of heart about the name they've chosen for their baby?

Baby sleeping

Sleep regression

Any time your baby's sleep suddenly seems to go pear-shaped, it's natural to wonder 'what am I doing wrong?'

rosie pope

Maternity concierge talks motherhood

Reality TV star, maternity concierge, and mother-of-four Rosie Pope knows a thing or two about babies.

Miss A, Awatea

Happy birthday Miss A

It's one year since I watched Miss A battle her way into the world. Over the last 12 months she has really kept us on our toes.

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