Caring for baby

Caring for baby


Are you ready for your baby?

Bombarded by joyful images of instant bonding and instinctive breastfeeding many new parents are unprepared for the realities of caring for newborns.

'Shut the door and let them cry'

A doctor who promotes leaving a crying baby alone for up to 12 hours to teach self-settling is being criticised by parents and experts alike.

Mother-baby bonding a generational thing

Researchers have found a woman's relationship with her mother can have an impact on how she bonds with her own baby.

Solids and constipation

Introducing solids to babies can play havoc on their tiny digestive systems.

'I will never do that with my kids...'

I haven't been a parent long, but it's been long enough to know that half the things I said I'd always or never do before kids were lies.


what's in this section?

Anna Guy

Disrupting the routine

Ruby's a very cruisy baby, but even she will spit the dummy sometimes.

Asking for money instead of gifts

Is it okay to ask for money instead of gifts for a christening or naming day, or is it in bad taste?


A dad's diary: 5 - 8 months

Anxiety, joy, exhaustion and bouts of frustration ... The many shocks of first-time fatherhood resound in a dad's diary of his son's early months.

Milk, glass of milk

Breastmilk soap

Convinced of breast milk's healing powers, one mother has been using this so-called "liquid gold" to make organic soap.


Banana balls: Food babies love

Your baby will love you for these. Like a piece of cake in a ball, they're also great for anyone with egg allergies.


Chicken nuggets for babies

These delicious nuggets make great finger food for babies and can be served with dips or diced veges.

sleep deprivation

When will I feel like myself again?

New mothers repeat: Sleepness nights aren't forever. Pumping isn't forever. Nappies aren't forever.

Newborn baby

Home alone with a newborn

It's my husband's first day back at work after paternity leave and my first full day alone with our baby. I have nowhere to be and everything to do.

I was an 'exclusive pumper'

I wasn't breastfeeding my baby but I wasn't a formula mum. I was part of a club that isn't acknowledged.

A baby

Two words I hated as a new mum

It was less than a week after my son was born that I first heard it - from my mother.

mum and baby

Mistakes with newborns

Seven mistakes an old-hand parent can make when visiting a newborn baby.

anna guy

Leaving the little one

It always feels unusual the first time you leave your little one at home, like you're missing a limb.

mum and baby

A case of PFS

Precious Firstborn Syndrome (PFS) describes the bizarre things first-time parents do.


Soothed by Katy Perry

This little lady is going to whinge unless you let her get her groove on to some pure pop beats.


Sleep, wake, repeat

Waking up repeatedly to care for little ones isn't good for moods or the ability to attend to tasks.

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