Caring for baby

Caring for baby


Greer Berry

A helping hand

Greer Berry talks about 'the village' she has supporting her as a new mum.

Your baby's first Christmas

Be prepared to pass your baby around a room full of people, and to hear parenting advice from usually far-flung relatives.

Attack of the mummy brain

That foggy, sleep-deprived 'mummy brain' state can impair your senses on a par with being drunk.

The worst nap ever?

One mother's futile attempt to sleep is caught on camera in a hilarious - and very cute - video.

The dummy debate

I'm the first to admit that when I used to see wee babies with dummies in their mouths, I thought 'Hmm, lazy parenting'.


what's in this section?

anna guy

Recording the milestones

Just the other day the kids were all asking me how old they were when they crawled and I honestly couldn't remember.

baby proof

Unexpected firsts of parenthood

Here are the 'firsts' that no one tells you about. The milestones that aren't listed in the books and take you completely by surprise.

Newborn baby

How your baby shows love

You don't get much feedback from a newborn, but even with their limited communication skills they can show their love.

sleep deprivation

You don't have to enjoy every moment

The reality is that you won't enjoy every minute of being a parent. Being told to do so, over and over, can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

Greer Berry

My must-have baby items

During these past few weeks, I've come to rely on some certain key items to get through my day

mum and baby

You're not alone

Hillary Frank's complicated, gruellng labour gave birth to two lovely beings: her daughter, Sasha, and her delightful podcast, The Longest Shortest Time.

Baby book

Not keeping a baby book

I haven't filled out either of the baby books I was given when my daughter was born, instead I've found digital ways to record her milestones.

Crying baby

Dear firstborn, I'm sorry

Being a first-time mum is tough for so many reasons - particularly because you really have no idea what you are doing.

Greer Berry

Going it alone

It was a blissful kind of existence, those first two weeks with our first newborn. Then it was time to go it alone.

mum and baby

Mums out-talk dads with babies

Mums talk more than dads to new babies, and baby girls get spoken to more than baby boys according to a new study.

Greer Berry

First week of motherhood

There are so many things that I've learnt, discovered, failed at and laughed at in this past week as a mother.


Am I ignoring my baby?

Do you feel guilty when you leave your baby on the floor to attend to daily tasks? Don't.

Newborn baby

Mother-baby bonding a generational thing

Researchers have found a woman's relationship with her mother can have an impact on how she bonds with her own baby.

sleep deprivation

Are you ready for your baby?

Bombarded by joyful images of instant bonding and instinctive breastfeeding many new parents are unprepared for the realities of caring for newborns.

Baby six months

Solids and constipation

Introducing solids to babies can play havoc on their tiny digestive systems.

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