Thinking about breastfeeding?

Here are 11 breastfeeding tips to think about BEFORE you have have the baby.

Pumping world record

Melanie Boomker has donated almost 483l of breast milk over five years - earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

Bottle-feeding mum shamed

When a mum tried to buy formula for her baby, supermarket staff told her she should be breastfeeding.

Dads start breastfeeding

A dad in the US has started a project to support breastfeeding mums by getting dads in on the action.

Breastfeeding in public

When Emily Slough breastfed her daughter in public she didn't expect a stranger to take a photo, post it on Facebook and call her a tramp.


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Breastfeeding despair

Heard of Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex? Neither had Dilvin Yasa – until it brought her to her knees.


Breastfeeding strike

What do you do if your baby suddenly refuses to breastfeed? How can you work out if it's just a nursing strike or if they are self-weaning?

Sparrow Folk

Breastfeeding ruins your day

"Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists, they are taking every chance they get to ruin your day..."


Post-weaning depression

It's normal to feel grief and self-doubt when weaning from breastfeeding happens earlier than you'd planned.


Mandatory breastfeeding

Mothers in the UAE are now required by law to breastfeed their babies up to two years of age.


Making breastfeeding easier

Political, social, cultural, and personal factors contribute to a woman’s individual capability to breastfeed.


Pain of breastfeeding

Almost one in ten women suffered nipple damage for up to two months after giving birth.

google glasses breastfeeding

Breastfeeding goes high tech

Breastfeeding mothers in Australia are about to get help via Google Glasses.

Pope Francis.

Pope backs breastfeeding

Pope Francis encouraged mothers to breastfeed their babies during a mass baptism ceremony held at the Sistine Chapel.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope loves breastfeeding

Penelope Cruz finds breastfeeding "addictive".


Snooki 'pollutes' breast milk

Snooki gave up drinking after a wild night spoiled her breast milk with alcohol.


Breastfeeding supermum

How does a supermodel stay looking glam while being a hands-on mum? Like this.


Financial incentives to breastfeed

Researchers are offering shopping vouchers to encourage women in low-income areas of the UK to breastfeed their babies.

Breastfeeding dad

Dad who breastfeeds

Secure in his identity as a gay man Trevor MacDonald breastfeeds his baby boy.


Breastfeeding after abuse

This mum knew that the 'breast is best' mantra, but the innocent act of feeding dredged up terrible memories.

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