breastfeeding madness

'Breastfeeding madness'

Reader's story

It begins in the hospital. The minute you are in recovery after giving birth, they try to latch baby on.

Breastfeeding: What's 'normal'?

There's a wide range of 'normal' when it comes to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding friendly cafe goes viral

"Breastfeeding mums, pop in and have a free cup of tea," says a sign hung in a Gloucestershire (UK) cafe.  "No need to eat, no need to ask - please relax."

The final feed

It has been a month since I breastfed my baby. It was a short feed and over before I was ready for it to end

Breastfeeding shame

Mother said she wanted to "curl up and hide" after food court staff told her not to breastfeed in public.


what's in this section?

Mother and baby

I hated breastfeeding

I stopped breastfeeding because it felt awful. Beyond awful. It made my skin crawl.


Facebook has freed the nipple

A change in Facebook rules means breastfeeding pictures will no longer be banned under the site's nudity rule.


The breastfeeding selfie

For every person who welcomes the breastfeeding selfie there seems to be at least one other who doesn't want to see it.


Breastfeeding too long?

My wife still breastfeeds our 2-year-old. Friends and co-workers are starting to comment on it. Is it time to stop?

Kiran phone

The end of breastfeeding

Jasmin is almost 10 months old and I'm ready to stop breastfeeding. I never thought I'd do it this long.


Breastfeeding in car shocks police

Woman seen breastfeeding in car the day after baby's tragic death in similar circumstances.

emily blunt

Blunt 'could've fed a village'

Actress Emily Blunt says she produced so much breastmilk after the birth of her daughter she 'could've fed a village'.


Breastfeeding cuts asthma risk

Breastfeeding does cut the risk of children developing asthma, a landmark study of 250,000 babies has found.


Medication helps depressed mums

For those who already suffer from depression, the need for their medication could be greatest during these first hazy days of motherhood.


Divide over breastfeeding law

A proposed new law in the United Arab Emirates that would require mothers to breastfeed their children for two years has women nervous.


Thinking about breastfeeding?

Here are 11 breastfeeding tips to think about BEFORE you have have the baby.


Pumping world record

Melanie Boomker has donated almost 483l of breast milk over five years - earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.


Bottle-feeding mum shamed

When a mum tried to buy formula for her baby, supermarket staff told her she should be breastfeeding.

Dad breastfeed

Dads start breastfeeding

A dad in the US has started a project to support breastfeeding mums by getting dads in on the action.


Breastfeeding in public

When Emily Slough breastfed her daughter in public she didn't expect a stranger to take a photo, post it on Facebook and call her a tramp.

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