Mothers told to breastfeed in toilet

A British cafe has come under fire for telling mothers to breastfeed in the 'spacious disabled toilet' rather than at their table.

Why I breastfed my 3-year-old

At first, the idea of using my breasts to feed someone else seemed so far removed from my experience that it was like science fiction.

School bans breastfeeding mum

A US mother has been banned from her local primary school after arguing with the principal about breastfeeding at a school sports event.

50 years of La Leche

It's a chilly spring morning, but there is warmth in the room, a hubbub of mothers, babies and toddlers, a La Leche meeting.

'It can be done'

A photo showing a mum breastfeeding her baby on her graduation day has gone viral, drawing thousands of comments of support for the young mum.


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Breastfeeding disagreement

My husband and I decided I would breastfeed for a year. But now I'm miserable and want to stop - my husband is pushing me to keep going.


Alyssa shares breastfeeding pic

Alyssa Milano has shared a black and white photo of her breastfeeding her baby daughter.

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux

Why I didn't breastfeed

The mothers in my Baby & Me Yoga Fit, class looked down from their tree poses, surprised as I poured some instant formula into a bottle.


Breastfeeding or bottle?

For some women the 'breast is best' mantra has unintended consequences - provoking feelings of guilt, shame and failure.


Breastfeeding linked to fewer infections

Breastfeeding is known to help ward off infections among infants, but a new study suggests that protection may be much longer lasting.


Drinking while breastfeeding

While breastfeeding her daughter Crystal McCullough had a few sips of beer - it was enough to attract the attention of other diners.

I was an 'exclusive pumper'

I wasn't breastfeeding my baby but I wasn't a formula mum. I was part of a club that isn't acknowledged.


Defeating baby blues

Women who plan to breastfeed and then do are the least likely to become depressed.


Breast isn't always best

Doing what's right for your child is best, and if that's bottle feeding there should be no shame in it.

meg nagle

On lactaboobiephobia...

Lactaboobiephobia, or the fear of the lactating breastfeeding boob, was coined by Meg Nagle.

gisele bundchen breastfeeding

I'm over it!

The recent trend of celebrity breastfeeding selfies bothers me.


Key to losing baby weight?

The lie about breastfeeding and weightloss: it sets new mums up to feel like failures.

Mum and child

'I thought I'd gone crazy'

I spent all day breastfeeding, my baby was constantly vomiting, and my mental health wasn't great.


Breastfeeding highs and lows

Elizabeth loved being able to breastfeed her children but said no-one warned her about the reality.

kiran chug

The breastfeeding challenge

Kiran thinks we should be open and honest about how hard breastfeeding can be early on.

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