The babies too keen to come into this world

Each year, thousands of premature babies are coaxed from the edge of viability to the point where they're ready to go home. This is Theodore Bradbury's story.


When disability means perfection

The word "disabled" has become so fraught with negativity that I don't even like to use it at all.

Battery leaves baby struggling

Tauranga baby may never talk or breathe on his own after swallowing a button battery.

Mum pushing baby in a stroller

Baby must-haves or must-heaves?

Note to new parents: You don't really need all that stuff.

Top baby name trends

The Anzac Centenary and the birth of a royal baby will be likely to inspire parents when it comes to baby names this year.


what's in this section?

Development Baby's 10th month

First milestones

Track your baby’s developmental progress during its first year with our milestone checklist guide.


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Sign up for monthly newsletters detailing your baby's milestones, and tips on everything from sleep to teething.

Caring for baby Baby sleeping

Sleep: How much is enough?

What's the 'healthy' length of sleep time for children? The answers might be a bit different to what you think.

Blinks are the new naps

Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds says he sees blinking in a whole new way since having a newborn.


'It can be done'

A photo showing a mum breastfeeding her baby on her graduation day has gone viral, drawing thousands of comments of support for the young mum.


Why I breastfed my 3-year-old

At first, the idea of using my breasts to feed someone else seemed so far removed from my experience that it was like science fiction.

Health KADEN

Kaden's fight for life

Before even giving birth, Katie Myers' maternal instincts warned her something was wrong with her baby.

Baby sees mum for the first time

Special glasses help 8-month-old see her mum's face clearly for the first time - and our hearts turn to jelly.

Education & play AWATEA

My kids and drawers

For weeks Miss A has been standing at the kitchen drawer, rifling through its contents like a detective looking for clues.


The benefits of baby talk

If you've found yourself cooing in 'baby talk' to your baby, you're off to a good start.

Products sproutling

Fitbit for babies

A new wearable monitor for babies is trying to give parents some peace of mind.


Baby head glue is a thing

For frustrated parents of bald she-babies, a company is selling glue to stick pretty bows on their heads. That's right, glue. To stick bows on your baby.

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