sleep deprivation

You don't have to enjoy every moment

The reality is that you won't enjoy every minute of being a parent. Being told to do so, over and over, can lead to feelings of inadequacy.


Kaden's fight for life

Before even giving birth, Katie Myers' maternal instincts warned her something was wrong with her baby.


Mum, daughter give birth

A mum and daughter both gave birth on the same day, after experiencing a number of coincidences throughout their pregnancies.

Keeping our son alive

Reader's story

Our beautiful 7-month-old boy's allergy has changed us into the type of parents we never wanted to be.

Mothers told to breastfeed in toilet

A British cafe has come under fire for telling mothers to breastfeed in the 'spacious disabled toilet' rather than at their table.


what's in this section?

Development Baby's 10th month

First milestones

Track your baby’s developmental progress during its first year with our milestone checklist guide.


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Caring for baby Crying baby

Dear firstborn, I'm sorry

Being a first-time mum is tough for so many reasons - particularly because you really have no idea what you are doing.

Greer Berry

My must-have baby items

During these past few weeks, I've come to rely on some certain key items to get through my day


School bans breastfeeding mum

A US mother has been banned from her local primary school after arguing with the principal about breastfeeding at a school sports event.

50 years of La Leche

It's a chilly spring morning, but there is warmth in the room, a hubbub of mothers, babies and toddlers, a La Leche meeting.


'Master-switch' triggers hormone surge

A University of Otago study has revealed why men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

When reflux strikes...

The birth of my second child culminated in one of the longest endurance tests of my life, writes Athalie Bensemann.

Education & play AWATEA

My kids and drawers

For weeks Miss A has been standing at the kitchen drawer, rifling through its contents like a detective looking for clues.


The benefits of baby talk

If you've found yourself cooing in 'baby talk' to your baby, you're off to a good start.

Products sproutling

Fitbit for babies

A new wearable monitor for babies is trying to give parents some peace of mind.


Baby head glue is a thing

For frustrated parents of bald she-babies, a company is selling glue to stick pretty bows on their heads. That's right, glue. To stick bows on your baby.

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