Zoey and Jasper

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in an adorable picture series together.

suzie iota

Mother didn't know

Mother whose baby died in her arms believed cot death could only happen in cots.

inflatable car seat

Inflatable car seats

Volvo has created an inflatable child seat concept that will fold down easily and fit into a backpack.

Anna guy

A cruisy baby

When the kids were asked what they thought of their baby sister, they said "we don't even notice she's around, she's so quiet!"

Miss A

Repeating mistakes

As parents we often take the path of least resistance, even though it probably sets us up for more pain in the long term.


what's in this section?

Development Baby's 10th month

First milestones

Track your baby’s developmental progress during its first year with our milestone checklist guide.

Month one

Baby's first month

Your baby is born with some amazing abilities - he is not just a little sponge waiting to soak up experiences.

Caring for baby Sour baby

Sour sensations

Watching babies' reactions when they try lemon for the first time is quite funny, but watching it in slow motion is hilarious.

Awatea Eat

Why do babies throw food?

When Miss A is in her food throwing mood (which is every day at the moment) I have to take a deep breath.


Thinking about breastfeeding?

Here are 11 breastfeeding tips to think about BEFORE you have have the baby.


Pumping world record

Melanie Boomker has donated almost 483l of breast milk over five years - earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

Health Crying newborn

Probiotics and colic

Colicky babies given probiotics as part of a large study, cried or fussed more than babies who were given placebo drops.

stefanie nauderer

Why this mums won't vaccinate

Stefanie Nauderer is a non-vaccinating parent. She doesn't want to subject her daughters to the possible side-effects.

Education & play AWATEA

My kids and drawers

For weeks Miss A has been standing at the kitchen drawer, rifling through its contents like a detective looking for clues.


The benefits of baby talk

If you've found yourself cooing in 'baby talk' to your baby, you're off to a good start.

Products BUNNY HAT

Easter cuteness

Easter isn't just a chance to over-indulge in chocolate, it's a chance to deck your kids out in cute bunny-inspired gear.


The 'fourth trimester'

Yes, I know, pregnancy is only three trimesters, but in my opinion the postpartum period should count too.

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