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App review

I refuse to buy any games or apps online when there are so many cool ones out there for free.

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Ovulation calendar

Work out your most fertile time with our calculator.

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Email alerts

Sign up for weekly pregnancy newletters or monthly baby updates.


busy mum, multitasking mum

Things parents should do every day

There is no set parenting formula, But I find doing these seven steps every day, I smile and laugh more than I cry and whinge.

pregnant woman eating

Things I won't miss about pregnancy

While there are certainly things I’ll miss about pregnancy, there are also many things I’ll be glad never to experience again.

missing us boy

US reporter finds missing boy

A missing American boy has been reunited with his family after a TV journalist covering the story found him.

Anna guy

The onesie craze

Have you ever heard of a "onesie"? I would call probably call them an "all in one" and I thought they were only for babies until recently...


Celebrities Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila and Ashton have baby

Mila Kunis has reportedly given birth. And it's a....

Conception Sperm, biological clock, fertility

Woman sues over sperm mix up

A white Ohio woman is suing a sperm bank, alleging the company mistakenly gave her vials from an African-American donor.

Caesarean pregnant

Why I booked a caesarean

When I fell pregnany I was ecstatic. Then my fear of labour set in. To say I became obsessed is something of an understatement.

Health newborn

When joy takes time

Few things feel worse than being told to feel joy about something that fills you with an altogether different set of emotions.

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Blog: Greer Berry

After struggling with fertility issues Greer is now sharing her pregnancy journey.
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Blog: Matt Calman

At-home dad Matt Calman talks about life at home with his two girls.
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Blog: Kiran Chug

Kiran has a toddler and a baby and has recently moved back to her hometown of London.

Growing up - but never leaving home

"I'm going to live her with you guys for ever and ever. Well, at least until I get a husband. I'll need one of those to pay for everything," Miss K announced.

Behaviour confused toddler

The casualties of toddlerhood

My three-year-old has discovered the toilet. And no, not in a "we're toilet-trained" kind of way.


Parenting in the holidays

These holidays, I resolved to surrender to the slower rhythm of having my children at home with me, and to accept my stop-work status.

Big kids

The Fault In Our Stars banned

The author of the hit young adult novel has issued a snide response to news his book has been banned from middle schools in California.

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Blog: Melody McCabe

Melody shares the highs and lows of struggling with fertility issues and trying to conceive.
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Blog: Anna Guy

Anna shares tales of parenting four kids - with another on the way.
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Ask an expert column

Got a parenting question? Let us know and we'll get an expert to answer it for you.
Finances Polly Gillespie

Fame doesn't mean fortune

She lives in the glitz of showbusiness but is still learning about money.

Health & nutrition

Junk food lessons

Our kids would eat junk food every day all day if we let them. And it's probably almost cheaper to buy the junk than the good stuff.

TV & movies ipad with kids

Limiting screen time

Do you need some tips in how to wean your kids off TV of the iPad?

Competitions fathers day comp

Win: Father's Day pack

To celebrate Father's Day we are giving away a great gift pack for Dad, valued at around $260.

Technology Facebook

Keep your kids safe on social media

Experts share their advice on how to keep your kids safe on social media sites.


Swiss family relocators

The Zipfel family moved to Switzerland to be closer to relatives and the opportunities of Europe.


Don't stay together for the kids

Unhappily partnered parents: Please don't stay together "for the kids."


When joy takes time

Few things feel worse than being told to feel joy about something that fills you with an altogether different set of emotions.

TV & movies Balme

Tim Balme's killer concept

Writer of The Brokenwood Mysteries Tim Balme explains why we all like a bloody good murder.

Work office worker

Office skills that matter

Want to succeed in the modern workplace? Here are 10 old-fashioned skills you'll need.


Mila and Ashton have baby

Mila Kunis has reportedly given birth. And it's a....

Style bath

Bath + mask = bliss

Is there anything more restorative than a steaming hot bath? Try throwing in a spa-worthy face mask too.