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Exercising while pregnant

Ask an expert

I'm not fit at all, but recently joined a gym. I've just found out I'm pregnant. Is it safe to keep exercising?

mother daughter

Kids and world tragedy

As a parent, what should we do when kids see or hear the news and start asking questions?

rebecca pepperill

Life as a single mum

I bought my own tool kit when I was a solo mum - it was another step towards independence.

teenage boy

Things are changing

When is it normal for a boy's voice to change?


Expecting BOYR OR GIRL

It's a boy! No wait...

After being told they were having a boy, this couple were in for a surprise.

Expecting Greer Berry

Organising a baby shower

What do we say to people when they ask what we'd like as gifts for our new family member?

Symptoms morning sickness

Morning sickness myths and facts

The truth about commonly held morning sickness myths.

Expecting Pregnant

Coping with teen pregnancy

Annabel* became pregnant at 15. She knew her father would be heartbroken so she arranged for a termination the day after her 16th birthday.

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Blog: Greer Berry

After struggling with fertility issues Greer is now sharing her pregnancy journey.
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Blog: Matt Calman

At-home dad Matt Calman talks about life at home with his two girls.
Top homepage midstrip  - 3

Blog: Kiran Chug

Kiran has a toddler and a baby and has recently moved back to her hometown of London.
Education & play matt calman

Putting on a show

Miss K and Miss A put on an exclusive living room performance of Frozen.

Kiran Chug Milin and Jasmin

Should kids be bored?

Is it good to let children get bored, or is it better to amuse them for every minute?

Matt Calman matt calman miss A

Literary habits of kids

Reading books has been a daily staple for Miss K, however Miss A has more of a love/hate relationship.

Little kids Kiran phone

What I've learnt

Kiran Chug ponders 10 ways life has changed since becoming a parent.

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Blog: Melody McCabe

Melody shares the highs and lows of struggling with fertility issues and trying to conceive.
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Blog: Anna Guy

Anna shares tales of parenting four kids - with another on the way.
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Ask an expert column

Got a parenting question? Let us know and we'll get an expert to answer it for you.
Finances interest rates

Managing your mortgage

If people discussing whether to fix or float their mortgage makes you feel dumb, you are not alone.

Health & nutrition Jellybeans

You're eating what?

Arsenic, insect bodies or even wood - the ten weirdest additives and ingredients found in everyday foods.

TV & movies Dora

Kia ora Maori Spongebob

Who lives in a painaporo under te moana?

Competitions Doc McStuffins

Win: Doc McStuffins pack

We have five Doc McStuffins manchester packs to give away, featuring a Doc McStuffins cushion and matching polar fleece blanket.

Technology Teenage girl talking on the phone

Teens adept at hiding online lives

Too many parents falsely believe they are the technology leaders in their family.

Travel family

Islands for a family getaway

The Islands are famous as honeymoon spots and luxury getaways, but what if you're going with family?

Relationships Tiger mum Amy Chua

Losing friends

Every time I see my old friend she comments about the state of my house, or the food my children are eating. Our friendship is almost over.

Health antonia kidman

Never, ever ask

Recently, I was on the receiving end of a faux pas and it left me feeling humiliated and flat.

TV & movies Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer out

Something in this Christian Grey's handsomeness hints at cruelty. It's the perfect tease.

Work change

Can habits be positive?

I decided I'd try to change. I set out to do things differently over the course of a week.

Celebrities zoe saldana

Saldana expecting

Zoe Saldana is reportedly pregnant with twins.

Style skincare

Pregnancy skincare tips

What we put on our skin is important, no more so than during pregnancy.