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Pregnant woman

Find your pregnancy groove

Pregnancy can be difficult at times and you may not always be feeling your best, but here are some tips on how to enjoy this special time.

teen girl

Does your child have grit?

Angela Lee Duckworth discovers the single most significant predictor for success in children and it isn’t social intelligence, physical health, attractiveness or even IQ.


I ended my surrogate pregnancy

I always knew I could be a surrogate. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I just knew.

jasmin chug

On the move

While most babies crawl at around nine months, Jasmin is 13 months old. She's faced some challenges but has worked hard to get mobile.


Post natal Pregnant woman

Tearing during delivery

The facts about tearing during childbirth, and how to treat it if it happens.

Caring for baby A baby

Two words I hated as a new mum

It was less than a week after my son was born that I first heard it - from my mother.

Baby North West

Creative names a bad idea?

Are the Jaxons, Rylees and Jorjas of the world going to find it hard to be taken seriously as adults?

Expecting Pregnant

Natural induction

Some pregnant women go to incredible lengths to coax bubs out, including rubbing potatoes on their feet and foraging for mushrooms at midnight.

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Blog: Greer Berry

After struggling with fertility issues Greer is now sharing her pregnancy journey.
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Blog: Matt Calman

At-home dad Matt Calman talks about life at home with his two girls.
Top homepage midstrip  - 3

Blog: Kiran Chug

Kiran has a toddler and a baby and has recently moved back to her hometown of London.
Health & nutrition Briejahna Siosiua

Students eat their words

Manurewa East School students learned about different foods before putting their cooking skills to the test.

Behaviour Miss A, Awatea

Our social butterfly

Lately Miss A seems to prefer to be with other people rather than her dear old parents. Is this the opposite of separation anxiety?

Education book

Grittier texts lure in readers

Teachers are increasingly turning to darker tales to get pupils interested in reading.

Anna Guy Anna Guy

Taking things easy

I've learnt after burning myself out that is actually ok just to say 'this week it's really hard work'.

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Blog: Melody McCabe

Melody shares the highs and lows of struggling with fertility issues and trying to conceive.
Second homepage midstrip - 2

Blog: Anna Guy

Anna shares tales of parenting four kids - with another on the way.
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Ask an expert column

Got a parenting question? Let us know and we'll get an expert to answer it for you.
Finances Baby food

Keep baby costs down

The ''baby industry'' exploits parents - you don't need to pay through the nose for food and healthcare.

Health & nutrition strap

Shining a light on child obesity

With most parents unable to tell if a child is overweight, should anyone else be raising the issue?

TV & movies If I Stay

Review: If I Stay

This young adult movie suffered from an overdose of tragedy.

Competitions Doc McStuffins

Win: Doc McStuffins pack

We have five Doc McStuffins manchester packs to give away, featuring a Doc McStuffins cushion and matching polar fleece blanket.


Big idea for families

One company reckons it's time for tablets to bring families together rather than isolate them. So they've gone big.

Travel kid on plane

Airline fails

Here are five airline fails when it comes to kids.


Living like a nun

From single mum to stepmum

Starting to date as a single mum was a daunting prospect for Rebecca, but she met the love of her life.

TV & movies Downton Abbey

Downton to get steamy

According to a 60-second trailer for the new season, 'Downton is catching up with the times'.

Health relaxing bath

Managing personal space

How can we balance our need for personal space with the needs of our children?

Work kiran chug

How flexible hours really work

Kiran is two weeks into her new job - here's what she thinks so far about the work/home juggle.

Celebrities Shakira

Shakira pregnant again

Colombian singer Shakira has confirmed she is pregnant with her second child.

Style Beauty

Eye creams to love

We have gathered together three creams that help the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.