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App review

I refuse to buy any games or apps online when there are so many cool ones out there for free.

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Ovulation calendar

Work out your most fertile time with our calculator.

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Email alerts

Sign up for weekly pregnancy newletters or monthly baby updates.


greer berry

Meet Baby Berry

Everything looks different in the world to me now.


Finding out your baby's sex

Would you rather find out if you're having a boy or a girl at a scan or in the delivery room?

awatea, miss a

The first sentence

Miss A has uttered her first proper sentence and it goes down in history as: "I done a poo."

birthday party

Leaving your kids at a party

At what age can you dump your kids at a birthday party and run?



Surprise baby for backpacker

Kate thought she had a food baby from living the high life on her OE. Turned out the slim 22-year-old was 38 weeks pregnant.

Labour Generic pregnant

The facts about induction

Here's what you need to know about inductions, including the common reasons for having one, how they are done, and the risks.

Trying to conceive

The two week wait

Wednesday is D-Day for Melody - a blood test to mark the end of her first two week wait on a monitored cycle.

Stages of pregnancy Hush

Time to end the three-month 'rule'?

Should we shroud something as joyous (and potentially heartbreaking) as early pregnancy in secrecy because... it might be awkward?

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Blog: Greer Berry

After struggling with fertility issues Greer is now sharing her pregnancy journey.
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Blog: Matt Calman

At-home dad Matt Calman talks about life at home with his two girls.
Top homepage midstrip  - 3

Blog: Kiran Chug

Kiran has a toddler and a baby and has recently moved back to her hometown of London.
Development teen sex manual

Teen sex manual 'too graphc'

A new book aimed at demystifying sex for teens featuring real life photos of teen couples has been deemed too much by some parents.

Education & play barbie

When Barbie kills

Kerri Sackville shares how playing with Barbie took a hilariously scary turn for the worse.

Big kids anna guy

Keeping track of the kids

At one point during a chaotic sports evening Anna Guy lost track of a few children - here's why she's decided she needs a new plan.

Family dynamics SIBLING RIVALRY

'Mum, who do you like best?'

The quest for four little words drives my children to the brink of nearly every one of their self-made disasters. 'I like you best.'

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Blog: Melody McCabe

Melody shares the highs and lows of struggling with fertility issues and trying to conceive.
Second homepage midstrip - 2

Blog: Anna Guy

Anna shares tales of parenting four kids - with another on the way.
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Ask an expert column

Got a parenting question? Let us know and we'll get an expert to answer it for you.
Finances piggy bank, savings

Sort your family finances

Worried about pocket money or budgets? Do your kids think money grows on trees? We've got money experts from Sorted here to answer your questions.

Health & nutrition Broccoli

Could broccoli fight autism?

A chemical found in broccoli and other vegetables may improve the symptoms of autism in young men, according to a new study.

TV & movies jk rowling

JK Rowling's Twitter riddle

JK Rowling has sent the Muggle world into a frenzy with just 12 words.

Competitions fathers day comp

Win: Father's Day pack

To celebrate Father's Day we are giving away a great gift pack for Dad, valued at around $260.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.


Fictional spots you can visit

Movie buffs and bookworms who wish that some fantasy worlds were real, look no further.

Prepare for baby Birth plan

Do you need a pregnancy contract?

Is a pregnancy contract a wortwhile exercise in protecting your relationship against the trials and tribulations of new parenthood?

Health vicki cancer

A year without Vicki

Vicki had a three-month-old son when she first felt something wasn't right. She was gone within a year.

TV & movies

Miranda Tapsell's Love Child

Miranda Tapsell steps back into the 1960s with her new role in Love Child.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.

Celebrities Stevie Wonder

Triplets on way for Stevie Wonder?

Stevie Wonder is reportedly expecting triplets with his fiancee Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.

Style busy mum

Why is looking 'mumsy' a bad thing?

Why is it that the word 'mumsy' has connotations of such a negative nature – but seems to be the only other option apart from 'yummy'?